Coffeehouse Soul Sessions and The GroovaLottos, Bring a Soul Music Boost to the Boston Area

Coffeehouse Soul Sessions kicks off with a boom and starting January 20th, they will be a monthly event at the Dedham Square Coffeehouse; injecting some much needed soul music into the area and providing a showcase for regional talent.

On a mild, November Saturday night, The Dedham Square Coffeehouse had a crowded dance floor as the Coffeehouse SOUL SESSIONS premiered at the popular suburban eatery. Grammy nominees The GroovaLottos had the room going from the first note to the last.

With live soul music in short supply and original soul bands being otherwise non-existent in the Boston area, the Dedham Square Coffeehouse (565 High St., Dedham) provides a much needed oasis for lovers of soul, funk and
The GroovaLottos Create the vibe of the Phunk Movement
blues music. Part concert and part dance party, The GroovaLottos kept the room festive for three sets, with a selection of original tunes, including songs from their Grammy nominated album, "Ask Yo' Mama" as well as original versions of known favorites by artists ranging from James Brown to Iggy Pop.

"All week I had been getting phone calls and messages asking about The GroovaLottos. They're a great band and fill the room with good energy." - Ali Kooshan, owner of the Dedham Square Coffeehouse.

Dedham Square Coffeehouse has announced that the CoffeeHouse Soul Sessions will now be a monthly event, starting in January on the 20th. Upcoming Dates will be: January 20th, February 10th, March 10th, April 14, May 19, June 16, July 14, and August 10. 565 High Street, Showtime starts at 8PM.

Coffeehouse Soul Sessions is looking for solo artists (singers and musicians) who would like to feature with the band during one of the sessions. To sign up for an audition, follow the link below.

Audition Application for Soul Sessions