Sunday, February 4, 2018 An Experiment in Guerilla Television On Youtube Wednesday Nights

A member of popular soul band The GroovaLottos, and internationally renowned arts and cultural educator introduces an innovative, guerrilla- style YouTube talkshow on Wednesday nights at 7pm.

Social Topics - Arts - History - Culture - Education - Black Studies - Indigenous Studies - Music - Life... sums up what you'll see on the new weekly Youtube broadcast, simply called "". The popular arts and culture blog will now come to life via Youtube. The program concept: a video essay sharing ideas, perspectives and philosophies; along with segments and snippets of things captured on a phone, like performances, conversations, interviews, and events.

hosted and produced by Mwalim DaPhunkee Professor, a tenured professor of English and Black Studies at UMass Dartmouth. Subsequent posts will appear on the blog,

"Stream of Consciousness Guerrilla Television" is what producer and defacto host Mwalim DaPhunkee Professor calls it. Mwalim, a member of the Grammy nominated band The GroovaLottos. This concept is an extension of a course that Mwalim introduced at UMass Dartmouth called "Guerrilla Filmmaking", whereby students made films using the cameras on their phones or tablets and editing with software acquired as free downloads from the Internet, or that came on their computers.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The GroovaLottos Move The Crowd at UBC-TV Pre-Grammy Launch

The GroovaLottos being interviewed on Rhythm & Soul Radio.
Upstart Cable and Streaming Network UBC-TV hosted a Pre-Grammy Launch that featured Grammy Nominees The GroovaLottos, along with a host of up and coming Indie talent, got the crowd going.

Packed to capacity and The GroovaLottos are two phrases that we're hearing in the same sentence a lot these days. The 'Road To The Grammys' continued with an appearance on Tuesday night at a Pre-Grammy Launch party at Taj II in Manhattan, hosted by UBC-TV, a brand new cable network in New York City. A who's who of the urban music industry gathered to enjoy a celebration of the launch of UBC-TV as well as hear some of the best indie talent in the business today. Topping the list was an appearance by The GroovaLottos.

This was also an opportunity for the industry to meet percussionist, MC and soon-to-be solo artist, The Z.Y.G. and talk about his upcoming project. Up until last night, The GroovaLottos were simply a legend in the New York music scene, to those familiar with their Grammy nominated album and unapologetically old school soul sound. Quickly gathering new fans, the group sold handfuls of CDs and collected a bag full of business cards.

Urban Broadcasting Company (UBC-TV Network), is a streaming, broadcast multi-media company that creates, produces and distributes ‘Urban Lifestyle Programming.” UBC-TV Networks slate of ‘UBC Originals’ consist of news, entertainment, business, fashion, health and wellness, live concerts and events, food, sports, comedy and other lifestyle programs. UBCTV content is distributed over multiple platforms that include streaming, cable, satellite, VOD, OTT, mobile, live stream, on- demand, wireless devices, social media, radio and other platforms.  UBC-TV’s goal is to provide relevant, diverse, exciting and uplifting programming geared towards the underserved urban multi-cultural market.

The GroovaLottos will be in concert with folk-jazz band, The Louis Apollon Band on January 27th at the MMAS Arts Centre @ Great Woods, 888 South Main Street, Mansfield, MA. 

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Sunday, January 21, 2018

The GroovaLottos Road to the Grammys Start Off with a Packed House

Dedham Square Coffeehouse was packed to capacity and the windows were covered with steam from the dance floor. The GroovaLottos kick off mini tour with a true party. Next stops: Taj II in New York City, and MMAS @ Great Woods in Mansfield, MA.

If you weren't at the Coffeehouse Soul Sessions on Saturday, January 20th, you truly missed, what has been described as a party and a revival. The GroovaLottos had the suburban eatery packed to capacity, with the dance floor full most of the night and a lot of the food and beverages sold out. CDs were sold hand over fist and people lined up to sign the mailing list. It's the kind of night indie bands dream about and the kind of night that The GroovaLottos have been experiencing more and more.The premiere of Soul Sessions as a monthly offering at the Dedham Square Coffeehouse, in Dedham, MA was an amazing event and the kick-off of The GroovaLottos 'Road To The Grammys' mini tour.

This coming Tuesday they are bringing their party vibe to Taj Lounge II, 48 West 21st St, NYC for the UBC-TV Pre-Grammy Kick-Off Party. There the band, their Grammy nominated song, "Do You Mind(IfWeDanceWitYoDates)?", and the line dance 'The Phunk' will be featured at the party and on the New York Cable show. The party starts at 6pm.

Saturday, January 27th, the band will be in concert, with international folk-jazz sensation, the Louis Apollon Band at the MMAS Center for the Arts @ Great Woods, 888 South Main Street, Mansfield, MA. Show time is at 7:30 pm.

Coffeehouse Soul Sessions will reconvene on Saturday, February 10, 8pm at the Dedham Square Coffeehouse, 565 High St, Dedham, MA.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Surviving That First Gig: A Chat with The GroovaLottos About Their First Show

It was a cool March evening in Falmouth, Massachusetts when The GroovaLottos made their debut in 2011. It was also the night that they invented their 'Mash' songs.

"We had been jamming in the carriage house for almost two years and sounded pretty good," recalls Mwalim DaPhunkee Professor, "I had brought in a digital recorder and we even made a demo of about 4 or five songs."
"The only thing," added Eddie Ray Johnson, "was that all we knew were about 4 or five songs... completely. We also knew a couple of Mwalim's originals; but otherwise, we barely had a complete set. The next rehearsal, Mwalim casually mentions that we had two gigs coming up, both on the same day."On March 12, 2011, for the first time, The GroovaLottos loaded their instruments into their vehicles and unloaded at the Tilden Arts Center of Cape Cod Community College in West Barnstable and made their public debut at the Multicultural Arts Festival. "That was only a 25 minute set, so we were fine," recalls Eddie Ray. Later that night, they unloaded at a pub in Falmouth, did soundcheck and went out for a bite before the 10pm gig.

"All through dinner, Jamie and Nick were stressing about our lack of songs to fill a gig that ran from 10pm to 1am. To add to the pressure, the Cape Cod Times had placed us as 'Pick-of-the-Week' for the weekend, so folks were going to come hear us," laughed Mwalim. While Jamie Wolf had been a session player for Motown in the late 1960's, as well as a touring blues player, usually fronting his own bands; Mwalim and Eddie Ray had also been touring and session players and Mwalim relied on some incite that the late, great Atlantic Records promotions man, Clarence Bullard, "If you know four chord progressions, you know 4 million songs." Also having backgrounds as jazz players, they were able to insert solos and shift feels of the songs to stretch them out.

"We were able to make it through all three sets, using the same chord changes several times and just changing the arrangement, words and melodies,"added Eddie Ray. "Between the 12-bar blues, the 'Shake It Up Baby' chord changes, and 'Ain't Misbehavin' chords, we were able to play tons of soul, blues, rock, and pop tunes by Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, Barry White, Curtis Mayfield, Muddy Waters, Charles Wright, and The Isley Brothers," explained Mwalim.

Here we are, almost seven years later and the band has a set list of over 200 songs, over 30 of which are originals, including the tunes on their Grammy nominated debut album, "Ask Yo' Mama". Even their cover tunes are distinctly 'GroovaLotto', soaked in their signature soul-funk-blues style.

UPCOMING Shows with The GroovaLottos:

JAN 13th, Feb 17, March 17 - Soul Night @ Gilda's Stone Rooster
27 Wareham Rd, Marion, MA - 9PM

Jan 20th, Feb 10, March 10 - Soul Sessions @ Dedham Square Coffeehouse
565 High St, Dedham, MA - 8PM

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