About Song Keepers, Ltd.


SONG KEEPERS, Ltd. (SKL) is a 501c3, non-profit, professional First Nations arts and education organization; dedicated to the preservation and continuation of traditional and contemporary music of Native American people; supporting and promoting media arts literacy as a tool of preservation; and the social and economic development of First Nations/ Native American communities. Our goals are to expand and enhance the social and economic development experiences and opportunities of our communities through the development and implementation of programs, projects and events that engage our communities as presenters, participants and audiences.


In 2012, a collective of First Nations (Native American) musicians, engaged in preserving, creating and performing traditional and contemporary forms of native music, formed Song Keepers, LTD (SKL). SKL grew out of 22 year-old multidisciplinary arts organization called Oversoul Theatre Collective, Inc., which closed in 2013. Since 2012, SKL has offered a variety of community-based programs throughout Barnstable, Plymouth and Bristol Counties. Our programs include the NDN Soul Festival, which began in 2013; The Alcohol- Free Concert & Dances, which began in 2012; and the Musician Mentoring Program, which also began in 2012. In addition, SKL became a co-sponsor of the annual Boston Jazz Fest in 2014.


  •  Billie Atkins - President 
  •  Kimberley Canto Peters - Secretary 
  •  Morgan James “Mwalim” Peters - Treasurer 


  •  Melvin Coombs
  •  Alexis N. Garcia
  •  John H Canto
  •  Jay Winter Nightwolf
  •  Douglas Pocknett 
  •  Gregory Segarra

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