A New Year and The GroovaLottos Spread The Phunk Movement Internationally

A landmark 2017 for The GroovaLottos lays the foundation for a powerhouse band and production unit that is stepping into 2018 full steam ahead with Triple A radio play, rising album sales, and the Coffeehouse Soul Sessions.

Opportunities and accomplishments have been a growing pattern for The GroovaLottos, as we look back at the last two years of the bands rise from regional bar band to indie music legends; and from indie music legends to internationally recognized musical masters. When a band has visitors from other states and other countries making a special trip to hear them at Gilda's Stone Rooster in Marion or the Dedham Square Coffeehouse outside of Boston just to hear an up close taste of what they've seen snippets of on Facebook or were blown away by the album and wanted to hear if the live came close; only to be even further blown away.

"Mwalim and I usually play Gilda's as a duo. One night, a lady came up to me at the break," explains drummer Eddie Ray Johnson, "and gushed about how great we are and how amazing it was for two people to produce such a big sound. Her accent was not from around here. It turned out she was from Belgium, had heard us on Youtube and was visiting a friend in Stoughton and made them bring her to Marion to hear us. she and her friends bought seven CDs from us." Similar things have happened at other gigs, where visitors from other countries made a GroovaLottos show part of their tourist-in-America experience.

Currently appearing on the RMR Charts as well as the Jamband and NACC charts, "Ask Yo' Mama" is in rotation on over 250 station, specialty radio shows, and podcasts in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and Africa. In August, they were album of the week on BBC.

Keepers of the Soul-Funk-Blues traditions, The GroovaLottos continue to carve a niche for themselves in the Americana music market. Upcoming performances include Gilda's Stone Rooster on January 13 @ 9pm (27 Wareham Rd, Marion, MA) and Dedham Square Coffeehouse on January 20 @ 8pm (565 High Street, Dedham, MA).

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