"Do You Mind...?" Meet The GroovaLottos

Download Your Copy of the "Do You Mind...?" Maxi-single (Three Version+ Bonus Track):


With the saturation of the Internet with music and recordings from various hopefuls. Radio Music Directors and DJs get thousands of songs per week, especially with the advent of digital downloadable copies. , When a song is able to stand out from the grass roots, you know you have something!

Such is the phenomenon with The GroovaLottos and their debut single, "Do You Mind...?" Soul Music and Blues are forms that have stood the test of time. With the success of similar contemporary artists like Anthony Hamilton, Leon Bridges and Alabama Shakes -all with major label support- slipping onto the terrestrial and Internet streaming stations.

As the GroovaLottos fan-base and following grows daily, as evidenced by the views of the "Do You Mind...?" music video on Youtube, listens on Soundcloud and growing following on Facebook and twitter, evidence of their rise is pretty clear.