Still 'DEEP' and Unapologetically "NDN - Defining A Sound

CAPE COD - Since 2010, The GROOVALOTTOS had been referring to their sound as "DEEP Soul-Funk" but among of the things that set this band apart from the other acts out there, are the
Native American/ First Nation roots of their sound; given that the band's two singers; E Ray J, a Cherokee; and Mwalim, a Mashpee Wampanoag, it is obvious that the musical traditions of these two rich cultures would find their way into the bands music.

Mwalim, who in his other life is a professor of Black Studies, and a scholar of Black and Native American performance traditions; contributed an essay to the companion text for the Smithsonian exhibit, Indivisible -exploring the Black Indian experience- that discussed the Native American roots of the blues, the band's understanding of the true roots of their music is pretty well founded.

In honor of such musicians as Jimi Hendrix, Charlie Parker, John Pepper, and Ritchie Havens, the band decided to start describing their sound as "NDN Soul-Funk" with Rock & Soul (as made popular by Lenny Kravitz)  as their alternate description. While working on their album, the band came to the resolve.